32nd Research Workshop

Date: 4 March 2016, at 10.00-12:30
Place: 4104, Reitaku University Tokyo Research Center, Shinjuku i-Land Tower 4F

Presentation 1
Speaker: Sachi KANEDA (Saitama University)
Theme: Image strategy by SISEIDO in the 1930s-Visual magazine create modern

Presentation 2
Speaker: Tomoko KAKUYAMA (Saitama University)
Theme: A Study of the Transformation of the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshops)
: The Austrian Modern Design Movement from the Reform Movement to the
Birth of a Brand

Presentation 3
Speaker: Rie MORI (Japan Women’s University)
Theme: Kimono and Western Style Clothing in Literature and Films in
Colonial Korea:
“Artists in the Peninsula” and “Springtime on the Peninsula”

31st Research Workshop

Date: 6 December 2015, at 14.00-17:00
Place: A3, 9F, Saitama University, Tokyo Station College

Presentation 1
Speaker: Norihiko ARAKAWA
Theme: Role of local governments CI: a case of emblem for new uniform, Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo.

Presentation 2
Speaker: Nao NOMURA (Saitama University)
Theme: Amish Vogue: Performing Fashion in the Religious World

Presentation 3
Speaker: Keitaro USUI (Maebashi Institute of Technology)

30th Research Workshop

Date: 8 March 2015, at 14.00-17:00
Place: Saitama University, Tokyo Station College

Presentation 1
Speaker: Reika GOTO (Tsuda College)
Theme: Japonisme in British Art Deco Fashion –Kimonos and Japanese Umbrellas in British Magazines of the 1920s

Presentation 2
Speaker: Sunyoung LIM (Seoul National University)
Theme: Character Design and Regional Identity in Korea since the 1990’s

Presentation 3
Speaker: Juri CHO (Seoul National University)
Theme: Production and Consumption of Sports Images in Modern Korea

第29回 研究発表会

Date: 22 November 2014, at 10.00-12:00
Place: Underground auditorium, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
3-1 Kitanomaru Park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Presentation 1

Speaker: Yukiko TEJIMA (Saitama University)
Theme: Classical antiquity and modernity in Ballets Russes “The afternoon of a Faun” (1912)
— About the costume of the nymph and the choreography—

Presentation 2
Speaker: Aya HARIGAI (Nagasaki University)
Theme: Wuerttemberger School of Applied Art’s Teaching and Research Studio, Stuttgart
― Relations with United Workshops for Art in Craftwork, Munich

第28回 研究発表会

Date: 8 March 2014, at 14.00
Place: Saitama University, Tokyo Station College

Presentation 1
Speaker: Mariko Nakamura
Theme: A co-design process which is driven by a ‘shared awareness of change’
– Towards a new understanding of creativity:
From the examination of ‘Soil and Human Design Project’
(Nagoya University of Arts) and ‘Shiba+Mita Magazine Lab’ (Shiba-no Ie)

Presentation 2
Speaker: Natsuko Tajima (Ome Municipal Museum of Art)
Theme: Existence of “World War Ⅰ posters” in the design circle in Japan before World War Ⅱ

27th Research Workshop

Date: 8 December 2013 at 14.00
Place: Saitama University, Tokyo Station College

Presentation 1
Speaker: Chun Yongkeun (Seoul National University, Postgraduate Course)
Theme: Korean Typographic Design in the 1920s and 1930s: Title Designs of Magazine

Presentation 2
Speaker: Shiho Hasegawa (PhD Candidate, Saitama University)
Theme: Interface Design in Early Media Arts: the Study of Creating Interactive Space as Art Expression

26th Research Workshop

Date: 13 July 2010, at 10.30
Place: Waseda University

Presentation 1
Speaker: Miki Fujiwara
Theme: The form of a Life on the water of old Onomichi and present Hong Kong

第25回 研究発表会

Date: 9 March 2013, at 14.00
Place: Saitama University, Tokyo Station College

Presentation 1
Speaker: Mie Asakura(Kobe University)
Theme: Klimt and Fashion: the Emergence of the “New Woman” in Vienna at the turn of the century

Presentation 2
Speaker: Kida Takuya (The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, Craft Gallary)
Theme: Design Project for the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games

第24回 研究発表会

Date: 22 December 2012, at 14.00
Place: Saitama University, Tokyo Station College

Presentation 1
Speaker: Sae Yamamoto (Nihon University)
Theme: The Interplay of Art and Design in 1950s Japan: Yamashiro Ryuichi’s Design Activity

Presentation 2
Speaker: Fumi Narita (PhD Candidate, Tsuda University)
Theme: William Morris’s Concept of “Pleasure in Labour” and Its Relation to Women

23th Research Workshop

Date: 28 March 2012, at 13.30
Place: Saitama University, Tokyo Station College

Presentation 1
Speaker: Kurabayashi Sachiko(Tsuda University, Postgraduate Course)
Theme: Promoting Swedish Design: The Study of Promotional Activities Since the 1990s

Presentation 2
Speaker: Tomoko Kakuyama(PhD Candidate, Saitama University)
Theme: The Krakow Workshops and Vienna: A Study on the Modern Design Movement in Krakow

Presentation 3
Speaker: Norihiko Arakawa(Gakushuin University)
Theme: Public Ads and their Repercussions: the posters of Science and Technology Agency
for 1977 and 1978 Atomic Energy Day