Design History, Issue 16, 2018

Design History, Issue 15, 2017


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Evolution of Chinese jewellery design in modern context:
From craft to haute couture
Wendy S Wong

Avant-grade of the “Viennese Kineticism” in the Interwar Austria:
Originality and Resonance with International Modernism Movements
Kakuyama Tomoko

Contemporary Reflections on Design History Education in the UK
Jonathan M Woodham

Book Reviews
Reconstruction from the East North Japan Great Earthquake and kon Wajiro: Knowledges in Making and Living,
Reviewed by Omoya Shinsuke

Exhibition Review
AMBIENT Lifestyle Items Designed by Naoto Fukazawa Design that inspires sense of living
Kakuyama Tomoko

On the Transdiscliplinarity of French Education
Endo Ritsuko

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Design History, Issue 15, is scheduled to be published in June 2018.

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