Design History, Issue 17 2020

Design History, Issue 15, 2017


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The Awareness of Design in Yokohama Export Scarf Industry Monden Sonoko

15th Symposium of the Design History Workshop Japan (DHWJ)
Design and the Olympic Games
Coordinator: Iguchi Toshino

Masaru Katsui in the 1964 Japanese Olympic Committee
Nishimura Mika

The official logo of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games:
Kamekura Yusaku in 1960
Kida Takuya

Pictograms of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 and Masaru Katsumi’s ‘the International relay of symbols’
Ihara Hisayasu

1964/2020 Comparison of Olympic Design
Takemi Kuresawa

Book Reviews
Fabien Petiot, Chloé Btaunstein-Kriegel “Crafts: Today’s Anthology for Tommorow’s Crafts”
Reviewed by Kida Takuya

Takashi Kashima Olympic Design Marketing: From the Emblem
Reviewed by Nishioka Yoshiya

Exhibition Review
Graphich in Vienna around 1900: New Design gor New of Life
Kakuyama Tomoko

Exploring a place for Design:
About the exhibision “Where Design is found”
Nomiyama Sakura

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