Design History, Issue 18 2021

Design History, Issue 18, 2021


About the DHWJ
Editorial Policy
Editorial Board and Editorial Advisory Board

Yokohama Scarf ’s “Creativity”:
Analysis of “Traditional + Modern” Design
Monden Sonoko

Bauhaus 101 Years and Beyond
Kakuyama Tomoko

Dreams of Post-Bauhaus 100
Fukagawa Masafumi

Progress in Research on New Bauhaus and Remaining Issues
Iguchi Toshino

Innovativeness in Architectural Education at the Bauhaus
Tomita Hideo

The Influence of Bauhaus on Graphic Design Education
From the Essay of Koji Kusabuka
Nishioka Yoshiya

Book Reviews
FOmoya Shinsuke “A Design History of Modern Household Objects in Britain, the United States, and Japan”
Kuresawa Takemi

Exhibition Review
Constructive Posters of the 20th Century
[Landscape of Image and Text]:Is Visual Communication Possible?
Endo Ritsuko

Creativity which derives from “seeing something as something else.”
Yokota Satoko

Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts

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Design History, Issue 19, is scheduled to be published in July 2022.

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