Design History, Issue 7, 2009


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Orientalism in the Museum of Applied Arts Designed by Lechner Ödön: Regarding Colonial Architecture in the British Raj / Adachi Junko
Invention of Home Furniture “for People“ in Japan: The Achievements of Moriya Nobuo, a Leading Modern Industrial Designer in the 1920s / Anne Gossot
Applied Arts Education in Vienna in the 1910s and Felice Ueno-Rix’s Design Philosophy / Kakuyama Tomoko
The Contemporary Conceptual Space of “Traditional Crafts”: Definition, Representation and Image of Tsugaru Nuri Lacquerware / Anthony Rausch

Special Contributions
Thoughts on Representation and Basic Ideas of the Grid System, the Age of Horizontal Type Setting, and Gothic (Sans Serif-Type) Style or Mincho (Roman-Type) Style / Habara Shukuro
Dynamic Information Graphics: The Visualization of Knowledge Using Dynamic Representation / Harada Yasushi
Developing the Universal Design Fonts for Digital Display Screens / Miyazaki Michio
The Next Generation of Digital Art: Current Situation and Student Works in Japan / Moriyama Tomoe

Book Reviews
Toni Huberman, Sonia Ashmore and Yasuko Suga eds., The Diary of Charles Holme’s 1889 visit to Japan and North America: with Mrs Lasenby Liberty’s Japan: a pictorial record / Reviewed by Anna Basham
Printing Museum ed., Japanese Graphic Design in the 1950’s; The Designer is Born / Reviewed by Endô Ritsuko

About Music and Simultaneity / Christophe Charles

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