2nd Symposium

sympo2sJapanese Design in the Construction Period after the War

As was the case for many nations after the Second World War, postwar economic recovery irrevocably changed the environment and practices of daily life in Japan, and it is imperative that we understand and address the immense formative power design in this process. Taking place a half-century later, this symposium invited major participants in design research, education, promotion and practice to discuss their experiences and re-examine the role of design in shaping Japan during this period.

3 July 2004, at 13.00-17.30
Tsuda College

Part 1: Keynote Speeches
Toshimitsu Isao (President at Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture)
Hino Eiichi (Professor at Jissen Woman’s College)
Koseki Rikiya (Professor Emeritus at Takaoka National College)
Sone Yasumi (former Professor at Kinki University)

Part 2: Panel Discussion
Panelists : Toshimitsu Isao, Hino Eiichi, Koseki Rikiya , Sone Yasumi
Coordinator : Nakayama Shuichi (Professor at Kobe University, Chair of the Design History Workshop Japan)

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