Design History, Issue 13, 2015

Design History, Issue 13, 2015


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Classical antiquity regression and development toward modern modeling in Ballets Russes “The afternoon of a Faun”(1912)
:An analysis of the costume of the nymph and the choreography by Leon Bakst (in Japanese)
Tejima Yukiko

Stuttgart Teaching and Research Studio and the Relations with United Workshops for Art in Craftwork, Munich (in Japanese)
Harikai Yukiko

Japanese Urban Everyday Life and Design

Book Reviews
Kōgei to Nashonarizumu no Kindai
(Modernity in Crafts in relation to Nationalism)
Reviewed by Kikuchi Yuko

Bedřock Feuerstein
Reviewed by Petr Holý

Exhibition Review
Raising the issue of design
policy Osaka Expo’70 Design Project
Kuresawa Takemi

Hiroko Koshino and Art
── An Introduction to the KH Gallery ──
Nakamura Mariko

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Design History, Issue 14, is scheduled to be published in June 2016.

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