15th Symposium

15th Symposium
Design of the Olympic Games
Organizer: Tsuda University, Design History Workshop Japan
In Collaboration with: Suga Project, The Institute for Research in Language and Culture, Tsuda University
Date: 13:00 – 17:00 14th July, 2018
Venue: Sendagaya campus, Tsuda University

1 13:00‐13:50

Toshino Iguchi, Chair, Design History Workshop Japan; Vice-president, Saitama University

Keynote Speech
Projecting Britain through Design: The London Olympics of 1948
(“the Austerity Games”) and the London Olympics of 2012 (and ’Big Society’).
Jonathan M Woodham, Emeritus Professor, University of Brighton


2 14:00‐15:30

Panel presentation
Masaru Katsumi in the Olympic Organizing Committee
Mika Nishimura, Professor, Meisei University

Emblems of the Tokyo Olympic Games
Takuya Kida, Professor, Musashino Art University

Typography for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games
Masayuki Yamamoto, Associate Professor, Gifu University

Olympic Games and International Movement of Standardization of Pictograms
Hisayasu Ihara, Professor, Kyushu University

After an Affair: The Installation Designs between 1964 Tokyo Olympics
and 1967 Montreal Expo
Yasutaka Tsuji, Assistant Professor, Keio University

1964/2020 Comparison of Olympic Design
Takemi Kuresawa, Professor, Tokyo University of Technology

3 15:40‐17:00

Discussant: Toshino Iguchi
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